Sunday, February 26, 2012


...I love it when Samaira tries to hold my shirt or hold on to me when she is in my arms. She has started holding and sometimes pulling my hair and strangely enough, I love it. of the things Samaira has is low muscle tone. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I held a baby before I held Samaira, small or not. So I never really understood the meaning of low muscle tone. Samaira is obviously a delicate baby and I assume that’s how all the kids are like. Every time I hold Samaira though, she just melts in my arms. I feel so much love every time I hold her.

...Samaira is very kissable. Every time I am around her, I can’t stop kissing her. She oozes vulnerability and love that I just cannot escape.

...I enjoy my alone-time with Samaira in the late hours of night. I may be terribly sleepy, but Samaira’s lovely face has my undivided attention and stare. In such times, I often wonder about the kind of person Samaira will grow up to be. Will she be quiet, a chatter box, a brat, naughty, innocent, loud, subtle, shy, an introvert, an extrovert, outspoken, and on and on and on….? As much as I wonder about Samaira’s personality when she gets a little older, I absolutely love this phase in which she is my tiny-cuddly-little-pumpkin-munchkin. I want the time to stop, right here, right now. I hope her innocence is preserved, for as long as possible.

...I think Samaira is showing me love like no one else has. One of the reasons for me to bounce back quickly after Samaira’s d.s. diagnosis was that she is a tiny little girl who needs me, and I had to be strong for her. The reality, however, is that I need her far more than she needs me.

Moments like these make me want to be a new mom to Samaira a thousand times over. She makes me happy.

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