Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mom. Daughter. Mom.

My family means the world to me. My parents always made sure that physical distances amongst us never come in the way of our emotional distance. I love my parents beyond words. But it took me getting pregnant to value my mom like I always should have. I tend to hurt the people I love the most. My mom definitely falls in that bucket. I remember the days (and sometimes even now) when I used to get mad at my mom for making a dish I didn’t like, or saying something I didn’t like, or not doing something I wanted her to do – I am sure some people can relate to it. Those days, I would genuinely get upset and angry with my mom, so much so that I sometimes ended up hurting her.

When I was pregnant last year, I started reflecting on all those times. Having a baby in my own tummy made me feel so differently about my mom. Little Samaira growing inside me felt like something I had never felt before. Even before she was born, all my heart and life wanted the best for her, even if it were to be at my cost. Having a child has made me a different kind of vulnerable and I would do anything for her. I just want unlimited happiness for Samaira. It is rather safe to assume that any mother would want that for her baby. I know this is what my mom ever wanted for me. She still does.

I finally understand my mom a one hundred percent, almost. More than ever for sure. It is kind of sad that it took me so long. Being a mom is like completing a full circle in some ways. Sometimes, it takes a daughter to become a mom to complete this circle.


Supriya said...

Love this post ! Its true from my experience too that I understand my mom more since I became a mom !!

Michal said...

Someday our girls will be the moms! Yikes!!