Friday, August 17, 2012


I may have said this a few times already, and I may say it again several times in future too - the best kind of sibling relationship there could be is that of two sisters! Needless to say that I absolutely LOVE my brother. He is one of the nicest people I have come across, has utmost integrity and has a heart of gold. In fact my love for my sis is at par with my love for my bro. But even he might agree that a sister-sister connection is absolutely priceless.

My sister is an amazing friend to me. We love each other unconditionally. Our relationship has not changed because of our respective marriages, in fact, it has become stronger with time. We can be brutally honest to each other regarding things we don’t like in the other person, knowing very well that we don’t wish bad or hurt for each other. We definitely fought a lot growing up – for clothes, for gifts, for chocolates, for Maggie (my brother was an integral part of these fights), for friends, for space, you name it. But over the years, this is one relationship I could count on not deteriorating with changing times, changing relationships and changing circumstances.

My sister’s daughters, ‘P and A’, were game-changers in furthering the importance of this sister-sister connection. They brought me even closer to my sister! I see them fighting for toys, attention and hair accessories today. But I also see a beautiful relationship in their future, which will only get stronger as they grow up. I hope that Samaira finds ‘P & A’ to be her real-sisters, and not view them under the umbrella of cousins. The kind of relationship you share with your cousins is inherently different from the kind of relationship you share with your own siblings. I want Samaira, ‘P & A’ to love, hate, fight with and make-up with each other just like they were real-sisters! I wish for them the kind of friendship my sister and I have. The physical distance between us makes this a huge challenge, but my sister has done an amazing job of making Samaira an integral part of their everyday life so far. I hope I can learn from her and continue that with Samaira as she grows older.

A (L), P (R): This is the first time I am taking the liberty to post pictures of anyone other than Samaira, Siddharth and me. I haven't done that so far mostly to be sensitive to other's privacy.

‘A’ recently celebrated her 3 year birthday!! She is all grown up and it hurts my heart, I don’t know why. Well, if I think 3 is all grown up, then I guess I should wait for her 16th birthday! ‘P’ is 4.5 now, ‘A’ is 3, and Samaira turns 8 months today. I wish these three girls a lifetime of happiness and togetherness! I wish them the ability to accept the joys and sadness in life with equal grace and strength, and respect themselves while respecting others!

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Trapti said...

Hey this is amazing ... happy 8 month b'day to Sam ... I am sure they will grow up to love each other as fondly as we do. Piya and Ashi are really excited about december and looking forward to share their things with Samaira and play with her. Piya keeps promising me that she will take Sam to the park with her and let her play her keyboard ... hahahaha ... she is even willing to share her hair accessories with her ... now that is promising too much ;)
love u guys !!! God bless !!