Wednesday, December 17, 2014


They say it will be a big tide
It will completely change your life
It will change you from inside
Though I am not sure if it is a 100% right
You shine like a star - shiny and bright
It makes me see myself in a clear light
I don’t think I have changed as much
I have stayed pretty much the same as such
I have just realized there is so much more
Than to be victorious and to reach the shore
You helped me learn to stop and pause
For no special reason but just because
Thank you for being born to me
I can’t believe you are all of three!

THREE - How?! When?!

Happy Birthday, my caramel popcorn
Happy Birthday, my double fudge chocolate brownie
Happy Birthday, my french fries
Happy Birthday, my Sammy!

My Curious George

1 comment:

Trapti said...

OMG this is as beautifully written as deserved by the adorable little bully ... May God bless many more happy years of amazement and discoveries as you grow together in this relationship ... everyday !!!