Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Chase

She looked at me with her innocent eyes
And asked me what I kept searching for
I looked around yet again searching for what lies
Behind a huge closed door

I tell myself happiness is right behind
I may have to follow it just a few more miles
I can’t help but notice what is always on my mind
It is to follow the happiness till it is mine

Sometimes it is getting an object or two 
Other times it is achieving a goal I may have set
But if I look inside to see if it is true
I find that it has nothing to do with what I will get

What if I got everything I had ever wished for
What if I had achieved every milestone and every target
What if I don't find happiness in spite of all the downpour
Of things and objects and materials I could ever get

What does it mean to have everything yet nothing
What does it mean to feel abundant yet empty
Does it amount all my desires to something
Or does it leave me with more wants and envy

It feels more natural to search outside in this endless sky
Than to take a peek within
This eternal chase to find happiness makes the time fly by
And I lose the sight that it is not about the win

It is about finding the spark inside of me
And not looking for the next big thing to achieve
It is about finding the small things that set me free
A tiny smile that makes me want to believe
A little gaze that is wider than the sea
It is about giving up the chase and time to receive 
The world of happiness that is inside me

I know now I am the key.

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