Thursday, May 26, 2016

What do you want?

When we hear a child cry 
Our first instinct is to try
To try to find out
What this fuss is all about
To try to understand what he needs
Maybe it is time for his feed
To figure out what else it could be
Our next step is to plea
What is it that you want my child
I wish you would speak so I don't go wild
Is it a toy that you want to hold
Of course not, even if it is made of gold
Maybe you need a new diaper
But then maybe not, because you are still so hyper
I am pretty sure it is time for a nap
I really wish all the kids came with a map
A map of all their possible moods
Why you cry or sulk or brood
I tried everything I possibly could 
But I still couldn't figure it out and there you stood
You stood with your eyes fixed on me
What could it possibly be
And then it occurred to me
I felt so blind as I could not see
It was not a toy or food
It wasn't even about his mood
All this while it was right in front of my eyes
All you needed was a smile for a smile
And me right by your side
All you needed was my attention
It wasn't as if you were asking for a fourth dimension
All you needed was my time
It isn't some crazy novelty or a new paradigm
I am sorry if you felt a bit alone
I should have been with you all along

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