Thursday, July 5, 2012

It takes two to talk

No no, it really does take two to talk. That’s what Samaira has recently started to suggest to us. She is building her own vocabulary to communicate with us and that mostly includes sounds like aaaaa, eeeeee, unnnnnggg, gggggggg. While she is perfectly capable of enjoying her monologs, she prefers to talk to people who have eyes and nose and mouth. And that includes her talking puppy, giraffe, monkey, hanging butterfly, Daddy, Maa (yours truly), etc.

There are times when she is making those oh-so-fascinating sounds and I am not looking at her. Those are the times when I hear a shrill shriek that says “aauuuhhhhhhhh”, which means “look here, I am talking to you.” Cool, eh?

Sometimes when I run out of things to talk to her and I am completely rhymed-out (I wonder if that is normal), I start talking to her about things like Higgs Boson, Ranbir Kapoor’s latest movie, some high profile political court case in India, Mamata Banerjee, Obamacare, etc.

But what she enjoys far more than my talks is Siddharth’s outrageously funny expressions and his version of Michael Jackson’s songs, both the things that I am more or less incapable of doing. I guess we both do our own thing that kind of works!

That said, Samaira is very generous when it comes to showering us with her smiles so we feel good about whatever it is that we are trying to do. Her giggles (and sometimes just the thought of her giggles) manage to crack open my deepest darkest moods and invoke the loudest of the laughter no matter where or with who I am. I have smiled to myself several times in past, but I have never laughed to myself before this. I used to think Siddharth is weird because he can really laugh-out-loud to himself, sometimes even when he is asleep (his explanation is that he cracked a funny joke in his dream). But now I feel like I am the weird one in the relationship :). Oh well, so worth it.

Our last week was a little eventful when we found out about Samaira’s ASD, strabismus, sleep apnea and potential surgeries associated with all of it. But her conversations, smiles and giggles make me believe that she can venture through anything with an air of, ummm, I guess laughter! 

Peace - more often that not. Content - kind of, sometimes, little :).

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