Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keep your sense of humor

There is a lot I am at peace with. Life is good with Samaira, Siddharth and me – all together, in one place! Our family. Unaffected by external, unwanted noise.

Samaira started her day care a few days back. I love her primary care giver there, Miss N. She is an amazing 73 year old grandma like lady who absolutely adores Samaira. Someone at Samaira’s day care told me that as a parent you have to keep your sense of humor, and if you don’t then you will end up crying. So true. Not just for parents, but for anyone. For everyone. Yet so difficult to follow. At least, for a new parent. At least, all the time. We have some cough, congestion, fever and pneumonia lingering in our family off late, but the happiest person marching through all of it is Samaira. A few hours after we took her to the ER because she had 102+ temperature, Samaira was smiling and giggling, of course when she was not coughing. I don’t know what this girl is made up of but she can make some amazing things happen. The day after we took her to the ER, I was out and about trying to get the right meds for her, the ones that she is potentially not allergic to. Somehow that took me 4 hours and a lot of frustration and a whole lot of worry. But when I came home to my smiley-pumpkin Sammy, I couldn’t help but laugh with her when I saw her smile and giggle.

The funny thing about tough-times is that often times you can laugh it off when in future, but not so much when it is happening. In that sense, I sometimes wonder if future could come before present just so I know that I will be able to laugh it off then, and so that I don’t worry so much while I am going through it in present. Twisted logic, I know. But that’s the thing about wonderment – nothing is off limits. It is so hard for me to see Samaira cough and feel congested and go through sickness, but now that she is feeling better, all I can think of is how she was smiling through it all.

While speaking to my brother the other day, I realized how Samaira has the power to bring us to a happy place, no matter what we are surrounded with. I feel truly blessed to be born to my parents, and to have grown up with my brother and sister. They are everything I could have ever asked for in a family. They are loving, classy, trustworthy, people with the highest order of integrity I have ever seen, imperfect and absolutely unconditional. The reason I know love today the way I do is - my family. And it is pretty darn powerful. So, randomly, out of nowhere, I just want to thank Maa-Daddy, H and P (my brother and sister) – for being in my life. I am a better person because of you and I wouldn’t have it any other way, ever. That’s what families are for. We stick around. And whatever tough circumstances each of us go through, we remember and remind each other to laugh. Keep our sense of humor. It helps.

Our girl turned 7 month old on July 17th and we celebrated it with chocolate cake made of Hershey’s cocoa powder. Happy Birthday, baby! I love you.

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