Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinku Monkey, Pinky Mumma, Rocky Daddy & Binku Monkey

My Dad is very creative. He can come up with a brand new story, a joke, a song, a poem, or a rhyme – just in a matter of minutes. My Dad’s favorite story for Samaira is that of Chinku monkey and Pinky mumma. That’s a tradition I decided to continue with Sammy. Every night before she goes to bed, I tell her this story about a Chinku monkey and Pinky mumma. When Siddharth heard it he suggested that we add two more characters to this story. So now there are Rocky daddy and Binku monkey as well. Binku and Chinku are brother and sister. Samaira loves to hear these stories at the end of the day and sometimes sleeps listening to it. These stories include everything that happened in Samaira’s day – going to her day care, playing with her friends and teachers there, going to the mall, playing outside, eating yummy food (which mostly means some combination of quinoa, long guard, lentils – because that’s her favorite) and so on. Somehow, I also talk a lot about bananas and Chinku monkey’s best friend Babbar sher (lion). It is a pre-bed time routine that I absolutely love and treasure. 

My own Chinku monkey turned one in December and we celebrated her turning one in January. I am finally posting pictures of that celebration in February.

As my sunshine grows, she has turned into a talkative, happy, stubborn and zesty little babe. She babbles all day long and can talk to anyone and everyone walking on the streets. Most folks wave back at her and say hi – sometimes I feel like Sammy traps them into giving a reaction. Either way she is happy as long as there are people around and she gets to talk.

And while we ready ourselves for the arrival of Binku monkey in our lives…we are relishing the joy of our only Chinku!

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Trapti said...

Hahahahahaha ... absolutely love this Chinku monkey !!