Monday, March 11, 2013

My little girls

A month is a long time to be away from home. We spent this last month vacationing. We spent the first half of the vacation with my in-laws and the second half in India with my folks.

Time flies when you are having fun and loving life and that’s exactly what happened in India! It was a combination of ALL my favorite people – Maa, Daddy, Bro, Sis & fly., and of course the Husband and the Daughter. It was so much goodness packed in so little time that I am left craving for more. I am now missing all the laughter, jokes, arguments, discussions, crying, yelling, dancing, singing, eating, sleeping, gossiping, shopping, you name it!

My nieces, P & A, are the most amazing little girls I have ever witnessed. This was the first time they were meeting Sam. I absolutely loved how they interacted with Samaira. P being the oldest one wanted to play the big sister and assumed the role so beautifully. She kept telling everyone “since I am the big sister, I have to take care of Samaira. She is my responsibility.” P & A kept singing for Samaira till they were totally rhymed out. A being the younger one knew she wasn’t big enough to hold Samaira, but was definitely interested in singing to her and playing with her. Some of these moments are captured in my memory ever since and make me smile every so often, especially when I am by myself. I was even more fascinated to see Samaira respond very positively to my nieces. Samaira smiled every time she looked at them and wondered at them with curiosity.

Now that we are back, I am dreaming about the next time all my girls will get together!

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Trapti said...

It feels so good to think about all the fun we had ... this was a much awaited reunion and most of all I was excited to meet Samaira .... distances are huge and I miss having such fun more often ... good bless all the kids and I hope they enjoy each other like this for a long time :-*