Monday, August 18, 2014

All day, every day

Most of our everyday routine is quite uneventful and somewhat planned, which, for a family with two toddlers is a good news. We wake up every morning, give juice to kids, get them ready, get us ready, play a little depending on how much time we have, eat something, and, head to work\day care. Siddharth is the one who drops and picks up kids to and from the day care. The kids are used it. Even the day care teachers are used to it. I drop off and pick up kids whenever Siddharth is traveling. That’s when the entire day care knows that Siddharth is traveling. And then there are some days when both Siddharth and I go to drop off kids. Just because. Those are the days we are not rushing and enjoy every minute of drop-off and\or pick-up.

Dropping Sammy to day care is a very interesting experience. She wants to run to her friends and teachers as soon as we set foot in the area. She sometimes doesn’t even look back to see if we are still there. She goes straight from throwing tantrums to greeting all her friends and teachers like hasn’t seen them in a thousand years. Picking her up is also an interesting story because as soon as she sees me come to pick her up, she runs to her friends and starts pretending that the two of them have been playing together for a while and we are disturbing them. She then slowly warms up to the idea of going home and gives us a hug, starts saying bye to her friends, insists that her friends hug us, and so on.

Dropping Rehan to day care is a whole different ball game. This kid does not want us to leave him. Ever. He comes running to Siddharth every evening he picks the kids up. His face beams with inner joy, which is probably a little deceptive because his face almost always beams with inner joy. These kids I tell you. They have the knack of being so blissful and so unaware all the time. Anyway. The point is, his mischievous face lights up even more when he sees either of us. This morning as we were dropping Rehan to day care he made a sad pout showing a clear disagreement with the sequence of events, which included us playing with him in the day care for 5-10 minutes and then leaving him with his teachers. But instead of wailing and crying, which is what he normally does, he had that sad face of understanding. I know but I don’t like…but I will live with it…because I know I have to. That face. You know. And it hurt. It hurt me to see him grow up like that and be all understanding.

Can the world please stop so my kids won’t grow up this fast? I don’t think I am ready yet. I had a long, busy, crazy day at work today and the only thing that kept me going was the crazy evening that would be waiting for me at home. The crazy evening with both the kids throwing tantrums at dinner time and us struggling to keep up with them. Oddly enough, it motivates me. And I miss it when I can’t witness our evening dinner time madness. My day feels incomplete without it. In the middle of this utter chaos, sometimes, just sometimes, Siddharth and I find each other sitting back and chuckling at the drama. It’s like watching our own movie from a distance, while still being a part of that movie.

Here is to many more movies. Our never ending movie. Our everyday movie. Our day in a movie. These really are the best days of our lives!

My Positivity

A realization that I am so lucky to be married to my best friend. Completely random realization. For no rhyme or reason. It happens.

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