Monday, August 4, 2014

If I could…

If I could learn one thing from babies…what will it be?

It will be their ability to be in the moment. Have you ever seen kids play? Or eat? Or read? Or pretty much do anything? It is a life lesson happening in front of your own eyes. They are so focused on that one activity in that one moment that it is mind boggling. Admittedly their attention span is low and they tend to switch activities quite often. But while they are working on one task, there is nothing else on their mind.

When Rehan plays with his blocks – I am convinced that there is nothing else on this planet earth he'd rather do. Obviously it lasts about five minutes and then he switches to another activity. But I envy him for the five minutes that he invests in doing that activity. I am pretty sure he is not thinking about what happened at day care that day, who snatched his toy, who let him ride a tricycle, or who did he snatch the ball from.

When Sammy plays with her school bus or when she reads her books – there is nothing else she’d rather do. She seems content, happy. Well, until she is not. At which point she switches to another activity. But the point is, while she is doing one specific thing, she is thinking about that one thing only.

I wonder at what age kids lose the ability to be so singularly focused. But how I wish I could steal their ability to not think about a hundred other things when I do something.

Although now that I think a little more about it – I realize that Siddharth is actually quite similar to Sammy and Rehan in his focus and attention. When he is eating or writing or playing xbox or watching TV or talking – that is the only thing that is on his mind. He doesn’t think of the past or the future. I have very rarely seen an adult so focused on and be in the moment for what they are doing at any given time.

I cannot get that “be in the moment” attitude to save my life. I could be typing a mail, watching a video, talking to someone, in a theater – and be all over the place in my head. From our morning routine to traffic on the way to work to some specific conversation to something that’s been bothering me – I could be processing any of these things while doing whatever I am doing. But that is the main reason why I am a multi-tasker.

So, I guess it is sort of a double edge sword.

All said and done, there is so much to learn from these little people. If nothing, then I would lke to learn to be in the moment for my own peace of my mind. I definitely believe that there is a certain amount of awesomeness in simplifying things. Simplifying life. And one of the ways for me to accomplish that would be to be in the moment. So so so hard. At least for me. I have attempted to do this so many times and I focus so hard on being in the moment that I kind of lose the moment. I guess I just need more practice. Or I just need to find the child in me. The latter might be much harder. Being the mere mortal human that I am, I have lost touch with that inner child in me. I am so surrounded by the world and what’s current and what’s relevant that it makes me feel like I am too far away from the inner child. But at least I have the willingness to learn from other children’s inner-child :).

I will take that.

Kids busy doing what they do best...being in the moment of their goofiness!

My positivity

A reminder to self about being healthy and eating healthy. We are taking baby steps toward it. We are discussing it more among us and with the family. That first step and the earnestness in the intent is monumental for me.

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