Monday, January 5, 2015

Thank you for inspiring!

Non-Theoretically, I figured the new year might as well start from the 5th, because it’s Monday and that makes sense. I know the whole deal about the first, but my 6am logic on the 1st of January decided that I needed a buffer between 2014 and 2015. So the weekend was my buffer. Everything starts from a Monday anyway. I have to admit I was so not ready for everything this Monday was ready to bring on. And I am not even counting my resolutions.  Today was a big day for our family. Samaira started her new therapy schedule today. New year. New schedule. New schools. New teachers. New friends. Too many new things all starting this Monday. So it was a brand new exciting day that I thought I was ready for, but it totally kicked my butt. It gave me the much needed jolt to get started with the new year. Finally. A few days later. But, hey. It is never too late. 

I absolutely loved easing into the new year, no matter how much butt got kicked. I enjoyed picking Sammy up from her day care, dropping her to her school, picking her up from her school, picking Rehan up from day care, taking the kids to the bounce house, bringing them back, playing with them, and just hanging out. I could do this over and over again. 

On a little side note, I don’t have any major resolutions this year. Like most years. It is the same old - to be a better person, to be happier, et al. It isn’t anything new though. These are the kind of things that are always on my hit list. Some of these goals I can achieve, and some I can’t so I keep trying. But these are not necessarily new year goals. These are my year round goals that I keep chasing. Essentially they are my life goals that I am always after.

I am pretty sure that the number one resolution for most people must be around health and fitness. While I was out and about I noticed how much corporations want to tap in people’s new year resolution energy. The front and the foremost section in almost all the stores was activeware. While commercialization of the new year does not excite me, the energy amongst people definitely does. I like to see people resolve to do better things, be better, act better, receive better. I like the positivity a new year brings. I like that vibe. I like to get inspired by people around me. And that is my favorite thing about the new year.

So as I ease into my new year with my family, I am looking around me to soak all the inspiration in. Thank you all for making this year so great already. Keep inspiring!

Frosty, Warm, Inspiring, Loving - A good start to the new year
My Positivity

Today seemed like a miracle day because after shower both kids fell asleep within 20 minutes. So by 8ish. That, my friend, is a miracle. My positivity is when we were watching TV in and suddenly our door opens and Rehan walks in. He squints because of all the light in the room. And then he smiles. Like he did something wrong. Like he did something he wasn't supposed to. As furious as it makes me, it totally melts my heart. After some time he asked “Where did Sammy go?” I responded “Sammy is sleeping.” And he looked at me with utmost sincerity and kept his finger on his mouth and said “Shhhh.” Of course taught by Ms. Sammy herself. But that totally cracked me up. It is all about the small little things.

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