Friday, January 17, 2014

Magic Happened

It was like some magic potion got added to the air in my home this week and it resulted in unicorns flying around chasing double rainbows. I know! Sounds like crazy talk. That’s because it is.

Here is what happened. Siddharth found some deal on Walgreens to print a 4*6 photo-book. That’s not the magic part. Siddharth is a deal-seeker. His brain is wired to buy things if and only if they are available on a deal. And on the flip side, he does buy stuff that is on deal just because it is on a deal. So it kind of works both ways. Anyway. So there was this deal and he decided to order one for us and give it to me as a surprise. He also wanted to add some text to it, which took multiple days for him to think through and process. In the meantime he lost the deal. He still went ahead and ordered the photo-book along with the text he came up with, 100% on his own. That is kind of a big deal. But I haven’t reached the magic yet. What he wrote in the photo-book is magic. Siddharth wrote one single line at the bottom of each picture in the photo-book and here is what he wrote.

To Us

It started with just me
And just you
I was by myself
And you were too
And then we found each other
Nothing was the same again
My loneliness faded away
A new phase began
Then magic happened
A miracle would join us soon
When she came
We had achieved the moon
Our happiness had no bound
We smiled at her every sound
But it didn't end there
We were blessed some more
He came into our lives and
We were a family of four
Forever in love

Let’s keep memories coming

This is magic! Serious heavy duty magic. Siddharth is not known for his poetic expression. When the photo book came in the mail he asked me to open to see what it was. I opened the packet and started flipping through the pages and reading through the note at the bottom of every single page. By the time I had reached the middle of the book I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't believe Siddharth wrote this for us. It is the most special gift I will get in this entire year! He set the bar so high that he will have a tough time keeping up with it for the rest of the year J.

So this is my magic. It deserved that crazy talk, didn't it? 

These are my happys!

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Trapti said...

Sid .. love u more for this now ....