Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why I write

There is an inherent assumption in blogging. That you have something to say.

Some people blog because they, very humbly, feel that they are knowledgeable enough to share their infinite wisdom on a specific topic with the world wide web. They blog because they think they are the experts.

Some other people blog to indulge their creative instincts.

And then some people blog to help other people.

Some blog to stay connected with their friends and family.

Some people blog to make money.

But mostly, people blog because they have something to say.

I have often thought about my reasons to blog. I dislike the air associated with being an expert and therefore I avoid any hint of expertise in my reflection of my reasons. That said, there is a chance I might be in denial about that. I have been blogger since, 2002, I think. I used to blog at another location back in the day. I haven’t logged or peeked into it in ages. I re-read some of my posts from my old blog, and I realized that more often than not, the theme of my blogs had a drift of “I wonder….” It could be wonderment about a phenomena, technology, emotions, songs, and a lot of random stuff. Really really random stuff.

I came across a poem I wrote in August 2009. I am re-posting it here because it still captures me as I am today. So just as a reminder to myself, here it is.

I Think

Fears, undesirable.
Passions, insurmountable.
Ambitions, never-ending.
Jealousy, a part of life.
Faith, enormous.
Greed, nothing wrong with it.
Honesty, a necessary evil.
Challenges, unlimited.
Hope, sometimes.
MBA, a welcomed change.
Love, incomprehensible.
Support, more than ever.
Soul searching, existential.
Past, it’s all here.
Present, yes.
Future, who knows.
Life, good, I think.

I became totally nostalgic reading all my pre-mommy-hood blog entries. I kind of enjoyed re-living it. But most importantly, I realized that most of my writing is really relevant for me even today. I still wonder the same way. I had a whole new appreciation for documenting my thoughts back in the day just as a way to ascertain that irrespective of the events that have occurred in my life over time, I am still the same person at my very core.

I write to remind myself who I am. Why I am.

It is a good reminder.

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