Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keep Calm’isms

I am addicted to these. They attract my attention more than a sign in neon would. The reason I am so in love with Keep Calm’isms is because I really believe in the first two words – Keep Calm.

There are a lot of reasons to keep calm in life, and there are a lot of reasons in spite of which we need to keep calm. Here is my philosophy on keeping calm.

Keep calm and sleep tight. It really is a treasure.

Keep calm and love. That is what it is all about.
Keep calm and watch X-Men. Because it blows the mind.

Keep calm and choose Happy. Yes, CHOOSE it.

Keep calm and put your phone away, play with your kids. Without a doubt one of the more important things parents could do for their kids – be present.

Keep calm and write some. It will free you.

Keep calm and eat more. :)

Keep calm during fights. Even though it is easier said than done. I fight with very few people in my life - Siddharth, my mom, my sister and my brother. My Dad never does any wrong, ever. But when I fight I am NOT calm. I have a loooooooooong way to go.

Keep calm and bake some. Cake. Cupcakes. Brownies. Pizza. Anything.

Keep calm and eat French  Macarons. They are special. I have been craving me some macarons for two months now. If Sprungli can't come to me, then it is about time I make some!

Keep calm and climb a mountain. Summer’s here. There are few excuses.

Keep calm and close your eyes, open your mind, let yourself soar. Because you owe it to yourself.

Keep calm and love your family. That’s life.

Keep calm and rock it. Because you are awesome.

Keep calm and do something for the first time. Because that’s a high.

Keep calm and plan a trip. Because planning is half the fun.

Keep calm and learn to swim. Well, I am normally not calm during this one.

Keep calm and read a book. Even if it puts you to sleep.

Keep calm and run around the house with your kids for no good reason. Because there is a method in this madness.

Keep calm and stay fantastic. Of course. What else.

Keep calm and help someone. Even if we have a thousand of our needs in front of us.

Keep calm and say you care. Because it will make someone’s day.

Keep calm and dance with two left feet. Because it is liberating.

Keep calm and watch Ironman. Because you must.

Keep calm and let go. Well, I am not good at this one either.

Keep calm and stop the bullies. STOP.

Keep calm it is just a dog. Seriously.

Keep calm and hug on. Samaira taught us this.

Keep calm and follow Yoda. He is The Yoda.

Keep calm and sing a song. Even if it is in the shower.

Keep calm and accept people. Even if doesn’t seem natural.

Keep calm and smile on. Because it improves your blood pressure, eyesight, health in general. Whatever. Just smile even if there is no reason to.

Keep calm and enjoy a meal. Even if it is accompanied with toddler drama.

Keep calm and just be yourself. Yes. Just. Be. Yourself.

The point is, life will give you a lot of reasons to not be calm. But just be calm. Find your own reason to be calm and happy. If you don't have a reason then make one up. But just be calm and happy. Sometimes I want to cry and yell and be upset and run away. But those are the days I tell myself to calm down because it really is worth it. There are some things that push me over the edge and I find it hard to reach the calm. But for the most part, being a mom is teaching me to be a little calmer every day.

I was telling myself to be calm here...

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Trapti said...

Keep calm and smile ... everyone will be wondering what happened ... hahahahaha ....

and yes you have the best teacher in Samaira .. she is teaching you to live life ... and not to take away the credit from amazing student in you !!!