Thursday, April 3, 2014

My happy dance

Sometimes we associate a specific moment, or a specific image, or a specific song with a very specific memory, even though that thing may have little or no resemblance to the memory itself. I hope I am making sense. Because it happens to me a lot.

This evening when all four of us sat in the car to go to a park, I looked in the back seat and saw Samaira looking back at me. In that very moment, I am not sure if it was her eyes or her lips, but something conveyed to me the innocence that lives inside her. That got me thinking how kids are genuinely very innocent at this age. Some kids are naughty and some are not. But people are genuine at this age. Things like biting, snatching, yelling, sneaking are prevalent amongst kids of all age and sizes. But presence of all these traits is not the absence of innocence. What kids feel is what they say or do. Even their slyness is surrounded by certain purity. So when I saw that look of innocence in Samaira’s eyes, I almost gasped and told Siddharth “Isn’t this age just perfection? Kids are so innocent. They don’t harbor negative feelings for anyone. What they have in their hearts is on their lips, or in their actions. I wish I could be a two year old again and be that way even now.” Siddharth responded rather quickly “But I am like that even now.” I couldn't help but tell him "That's because you never grew up." While he said what he did with a little bit of a grin and both of us chuckled and laughed it off, we both know what he said is absolutely true. Siddharth is one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met. He is honest, genuine, raw, authentic, and definitely not made-up. He loves his family and friends absolutely unconditionally. He does not love people any less even if they are not being kind (and sometimes that is a euphemism) to him. I don’t know how he does it because I know I cannot do it. Anyway. The point is, I wish I could get that innocence again but I am rather far removed that 2 year old self and not sure if I can ever be that way. And the bigger point is that the happiness and joy of a toddler’s mind can’t be anything but pure. I did a little bit of a happy dance in my heart as this realization hit me.

And now I will associate "me siting in the front seat and looking back at both the kiddos in the back seat" with this conversation about childhood innocence. Forever. Literally.

So while I don’t necessarily have the pure heart of a two year old, I do have the heart to appreciate that purity. And I do have the heart to soak it in.

Here are some other things that made me do a happy dance this week.

Early morning “good mornings” & hugs.

Homemade granola for a good hearty breakfast.

A sunny day.

A sunny day in the park.

Playing in the park under the sun.

A lot of swing time. A little bit of slide time. A little bit of see-saw.

A lot more sun.

And voila – this is how awesome gets to meet fantastic! Here’s to many more happy dances this summer!


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Trapti said...

I totally agree that Sid has the heart of a child ... and that is quite a compliment honestly. I would be too idealistic to believe that I could preserve this innocence my children somehow.... anyhow ...
Or may be, I don't want them to be too innocent ... but yes, I want them to enjoy small things in life, enjoy moments, people, relationships .. everything ....
Life is too short to fret about anything ...