Monday, June 9, 2014

Let it go

I mean, why not? Right? Frozen has been a rage ever since it released and even though we haven’t seen the movie yet, it didn’t stop me from listening to the song over and over and over and yet over again. Sammy, Rehan and I have seen the video at least 150 times and heard the song on repeat at least 200 times.


The point is that these three words are way more powerful than any of us can fathom. As I keep hearing these words over and over again, I can’t help but take them a level deeper. To really understand what they are trying to communicate. What these words really communicate is that letting it go is a synonym for setting oneself free. Of the past. Of things that may have gone wrong. Of things that didn’t really go your way. Letting go has nothing to do with forgiving someone or something else. What someone did or didn’t do is absolutely insignificant. The whole point of letting go is to liberate your own self. People (must) forgive other people and circumstances for their own peace of mind. People let go for their own self. The understanding of this deeper meaning of letting it go is powerful.

Can you imagine a head & heart devoid of any negativity, any regret, any grudges? Honestly, I can’t. But it sounds pretty darn remarkable.

To top it all, it looks like Samaira and Rehan have drawn a lot of inspiration from this song. Samaira wants to listen to it every day, at least once. Especially before going to sleep. My limited singing abilities make ‘Let it go’ sound like ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.’ But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that both my kids drop whatever it is that they are doing and give a 100% of their attention to this song when it starts playing. Rehan is typically smiling when listening to this song. And Sammy has a somewhat intense expression on her face to kind of match with the tempo of the song, you know.

Who knew Elsa was so full of wisdom :)! Here is to letting go. To freedom. To liberation. To the ultimate wrinkle-free happiness.

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