Monday, June 23, 2014

Sand, Sun, Water

I am normally not the one to exaggerate and overemphasize of the value of sun. But let’s face it – it does deserve a mention every now and then. Especially if you live in the Northwest. So here is my shout out to sun. And sand, And water. Our weekend involved a road trip to Long Beach, Wa. A few hours south of us. A car ride with two toddlers comes with its own ups and downs. It is all good as long as they are fed, have not pooped or peed in their diapers, are not sleepy or tired, are not bored out of their minds, are not too agitated, and on and on and on. You get the point. So we had our fair share of loud yelling and incessant crying and angry shouting and tireless singing.

But all was forgotten as soon as we reached the cutest little cottage I had ever seen. What made it even better was that I could see the sign “World’s Longest Beach” from that cottage. I am not sure if it is the world’s longest beach and honestly I don’t know if I quite care. But most of what I did care about was getting on that beach as soon as possible.

It was beautiful. The beach. The sun. The sand. The water. The seagulls. The waves. The rays. The lack of crowd. It was perfect. The fact that we could dip our feet in the ocean water and that the water was perfect temperature was just added bonus.

What took the cake was seeing how much Samaira loved to play with the sand. How much she loved the water. She was not scared of dipping her feet in the water and wanted to do more of it. She wanted to chase the seagulls until they scared her. She wanted to chase that dog running on the beach until it got too close to her. How much Rehan loved the wind blowing in his face. How he was not fazed by the wind causing him to be all snorty and sniffly. How he had a big bright smile on his face every time he saw us enjoying the beach. And how Sammy kept saying “I like beach.” Kind of awesome, you know.

So even if the road to sand, sun and water was paved with cranky toddlers, the end result of them loving the beach makes it all worth it! Here is to many more such trips!

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