Monday, June 2, 2014


How many reminders do we need to value, live and love life as is? In the best of its glory. With the worst of its fears. Inside this curvy loop of happy-anxious-angry-sad-wishful-envious-mad-satisfied. Life as is.

Here are some things that remind me to value, live and love life.

My family sleeping peacefully every single night. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to make sure Sammy, Rehan and Siddhu are sleeping well.

Food on the table. Most of the times I take it for granted. But sometimes when I sit back, in that tiny fraction of second when all four of us are eating and neither of my kids are yelling or screaming or crying or throwing their food – for that tiny fraction of second, I check-out and remember to be thankful.

To be surrounded by the people I love. This. I am thankful for every single day. Every day. It is important for me. Siddharth. Samaira. Rehan. My family. My friends. Super-duper important.

Health. I value health even more when I am sick, or when someone I love or know is sick. I admire people who value their health and do something about it on a daily basis. I hope to get inspired by these people.

Park time. So thank for the sun that lets us be.

A vacation that doesn’t feel like a vacation. If you spend more time napping and eating than doing touristy stuff, does it still count as vacation? I think so. I kind of dig it.

A non-vacation that feels like a vacation. You know. A typical day. Morning routine. Work. Back. A little early. Relax. Chill. Do nothing. Go out for a walk. Push off all worries till the next day. I wish I could do this more.

A little circus that my family is. Honestly, it is not always possible to enjoy this circus, especially when it happens in front of an audience to witness. That’s when I feel the need to justify our choices and our approach. The circus when Samaira decides to sit in the middle of the road because she wants to be held. Or when Rehan starts yelling at the top of his voice because he saw his mumma! And do not even get me started on the dinner time drama. Should I let them eat their favorite snack instead? Should I force the first bite on them (absolutely positively detest this approach)? Should I do short order cooking? Should I make the same thing 5 times a week so I know they will eat something? Should I run after them while they are running around the house to feed them (I quite detest this approach as well)? Or should I let them go hungry until they learn to eat what is on the table? This circus is hard to enjoy when it is unfolding. But there is a part of me that is thankful for our perfect imperfections. I don’t know why. I don’t understand why. Sometimes it puzzles me why. But it reminds me of the normalcy of uncertainty and chaos. And I value that.

A birthday boy with his face smashed in the cake like we have never given him any food. While it sounds worrisome, I can’t help but laugh at the site. I treasure the laughter this brand new one year old brings to our lives.

A tiny toddler sister who loves her brother, a little too much for his own good right now. She runs toward him to give him a giant hug and pushes him over in the process. Then another circus ensues. Oh well!

Two strong headed, very stubborn toddlers running around in the house. While it makes some things very difficult today and will make most things extremely difficult for me once they grow up to be teenagers and possible rebels, I value this attitude.

Surrendering to what will and can be. I very strongly believe in committing a 100% to what you have to do and not worrying too much about what will become of it. Time and again I am reminded of how the only thing we can possibly have any control over is our own actions. And that too not always. So surrendering to the power of out-of-control dynamics is very liberating. It helps me enjoy life a little bit more.

All these things remind me to relish every little bit of life. I also realize the value of taking a step back to be a spectator of my own circus and laugh a little while at that. This is what helps me value, love and live.


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