Monday, September 8, 2014

Moments into Memories

I am a sucker for pictures. I view our old pictures at least once a day, if not more. Even when I have no time. I somehow gravitate to browsing through old pictures in the 5 free minutes I might get in an entire day. I am thankful that we take pictures. I am pretty sure Siddharth is also thankful because I am always so insistent, annoyingly so, on taking pictures to capture every possible moment we can. Most of the moments captured hold a very special place in my heart and each one tells a story. Story of that moment. How it happened? Why it happened? How I felt about it? How I felt in it? Looking at pictures floods my mind with snapshots of that moment. Those moments are etched as a memory, forever in me.  Sometimes these pictures refresh my long lost forgotten memories. It is precious. These pictures remember my memory, as I would have said a long long time ago.

We spent the first few days of this month basking in the sun and sand of Puerto Vallarta. It was heavenly. The vacation did us so much good that even the crazy humidity couldn’t dampen our spirits. We spent most of our time in the pool, or eating, or sleeping, or lazing. Isn’t that what vacations are meant for anyway? The weather was in fact perfect because somehow it was a perfect combination of heat, sun, overcast, rain, thunderstorms, lightening, water and wind. The pool temperature was perfect. Not cold for sure. Slightly warm. Definitely not hot. We could spend hours sitting in the pool – after breakfast, before dinner, maybe in between too. Kids could walk in the pool because it was just the right depth on the edges. I have to admit it was sometimes unmanageable to control two kids who wanted to run toward the center of the pool, or get out of the pool and run outside. Rehan wanted to throw his pool toys outside the pool all the times. Just so we could bring it back to him. Just so he could throw those again. Samaira wanted to get out of the pool every time we were in it. Or she wanted to get in the pool when we were outside of it. But who cares about these trivial logistics right? In fact, I want to go back there, just to soak in more of the same.

The best part was our vacation was the company of our closest friends and their cutest munchkins! We in fact managed to surprise them by showing up one day before they were going to arrive. Siddharth shocked them even more when he pretended to serve mimosas at the entrance of the hotel as our friends arrived. They actually accepted mimosa from Siddharth, said “thank you”, and realized a few seconds later “wait, who is that?” Company trumps all evens and beats all odds. And we had fantastic company. We spent a day roaming around the town. Shopping, site seeing, roaming, photographing, you name it.

My favorite was the old town in the city. It reminded me of Hawaii and Greece all at the same time. It has the greenery of Hawaii and the character of Greece. I wanted to spend an entire day there. I might just go back there to spend an entire day in specific parts of Puerto Vallarta. This beauty does not get old, my friend. And too much relaxation never hurt anyone.

There has been a common theme every time we have been to Mexico. At least a few people come up to us and start talking to us in Spanish. They assume we belong to the country, which, I think is splendid. It makes me blush and gloat and I take it as a huge complement. Except I don’t know the language. Oh, well! I will learn it someday. Maybe.

We did pull off a stunt in the last few hours in Puerto Vallarta. We left our SLR in the random cab that dropped us from downtown to the hotel. We realized we didn’t have our camera about 5 min after that cab left. We searched for our camera everywhere we could. Siddharth left in another cab to try and find our original cab in which we left the camera. Siddharth somehow found a friend of our cab driver, made that friend take him to our driver’s house, had the cab driver’s son call him on cell phone, waited till our cab driver reached his own home – just to find Siddharth waiting for him. In the end, however, we did not find our camera. We lost it. My heart still tugs every time I think of the last few hours we spent looking for the camera. The only solace I could find was in the notion that maybe whoever got our camera needed it more than we did. That – I can live with. Plus, I have those small tiny moments etched as a memory, forever in my heart. It is priceless. Something no one take from us. Plus, it gives us another reason to go back to Puerto Vallarta. To turn more moments into memories. We will be back for more!

Family Four-fi

My Positivity

It was a little hard this week because we lost the camera. But have you ever asked a kid what their biggest problems are? Milk. Hunger. Sleep. Poo-poo. Pee-pee. While the whole camera craziness was going on, Sammy and Rehan were unperturbed by their surroundings. They were busy fighting for The Cat in The Hat. The uszh. And that is my positivity this week. Can I become a kid again? Pretty, please?

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