Monday, September 29, 2014

My precious

Have I said this before? Of course, I have. Maybe. I don't remember. But we will talk about it again.

Anyway, first things first. Welcome to the time of the year that I like the most. Every season comes with its own joys. The snow of winter, the bloom of spring, the sun of summer & the cozy of fall. Something about fall yells cozy up. Bring a blanket. Or two. Or three. Bring your sweaters. Get your comfort on. Bring your family together. Sit down. Relax. Do nothing. Enjoy the rain while sitting inside your cozy cove. Our fall did kick-start with viral illnesses. One by one. All wickets down. First it was Sammy. Literally, the first day of fall, she was sick. Then it was Rehan. And now the husband. Thank goodness I have a rock solid immune system to get me through ;). And hopefully I have not jinxed it now. But my hope is - this too shall pass, and we will be able to enjoy the new season in its full glory.

As we welcome fall into our world we spend some quality time indoors just being. This gives me extra moments to capture and mummify in my heart for ever and ever. They are random silly moments that deserve no mention or attention. But they were pure joy for us and we couldn’t stop laughing at our funny silly kids. These are my precious. I will continue to capture as many of these as mommily-possible.

Like last evening Samaira was pulling my pants as I was trying to cook dinner. I got terribly annoyed and asked her “Sammy what are you doing?” In all her innocence and with a matter of fact expression, she responded “I am pulling your pants.” Of course. What did I think she was doing? Both Siddharth and I cracked up at her matter-of-fact delivery.

The other day when we were giving a medicine to Sammy, Rehan left whatever he was doing and ran to us and said “ma turn.” He actually said it. Crazy! My little boy is growing up too fast. Not that I am complaining. Except just a little bit.

Siddharth was eating sonf (fennel seeds - Indian mouth freshener) this one time and he gave one seed to Rehan. Sammy saw that and came running to Siddhu. Siddharth didn't pay any attention and kept eating more sonf. Sammy looked at him impatiently and finally said "Sammy is right here, daddy!" We both laughed so hard. Well, that is definitely one way to tell she wants something.

Last week we were shopping for kids’ clothes for fall when Sammy ran to the end of the aisle and stood against the wall and started shouting “Where is Sammy? Rehan, where did Sammy go?” Rehan slowly started moving toward her and screamed “aaaaaaaaaa” with excitement when he spotted her. Sammy said “There she is.” Then she pushed Rehan in the corner, which he submissively accepted, and she said “It is Rehan turn.” They did this for about 5 minutes as Siddharth and I hurriedly looked through the clearance section to spot any useful treasures. Kids keeping themselves entertained - priceless.

Btw, Rehan is one of those people who smiles when he makes a mistake. You know that kind? I belong to that kind. And he does too. It makes getting and staying angry with him a little difficult. If he does some mischief and I yell at him, he smiles at me giving a sneak peak at his bottom two teeth. How on earth am I supposed to stay mad at him? I welcome any and all advise.

Oh, and the latest. Our parent dilemma of to sleep-train or not-to-sleep-train continues. But in the meantime, Rehan knows how to get our attention. He sleeps in our room on a mattress that is next to our bed. When he wakes up in the middle of the night and we are not in the room, he cries for a bit. When we don’t respond, he climbs on our bed, reaches for the night-stand, throws the alarm clock on the floor and says “Uh oh.” He did this once and saw how instantly we came inside the room to make sure everything was ok. Now he knows what makes us tick. So he does it every time we are not in the room. Last night, he climbed on to the bed, jumped on to the night stand, got on to the other side of the night stand with his hands against the wall and knees planted firmly on the night stand - obviously stuck. Siddharth walked in the room and saw Rehan stuck between the wall and the night stand. Rehan looked at Siddharth and responded "Uh oh." My little devil.

One special one. I had given a list of about 25 restaurants to Siddharth. A list of places that I want to try. Siddharth called every single one of those restaurants to see if they could make something special for my birthday. Something that would blow my mind. He finally settled on one and kept it a surprise for me. He arranged for a baby-sitter on my birthday evening, which I knew in advance because I checked his text messages :). But I had no idea where we were going. Siddharth did give me a hint that I would be surprised at who recommended this restaurant for my birthday, because that would be me, thank you very much. Needless to say I enjoyed the food, the company, and everything about that evening!

Oh, so many moments to capture. In a timeless capsule. A new season gives me new rigor to capture and preserve. So before it gets old, let me hold it all in a place where I can look back and cherish my little monkeys.

It would be wrong to say that joy is all our kids give to us. And vice versa. They give us a lot of trouble too. Sammy is stubborn as hell. Rehan has quite a temper. The combination is quite lethal. To top it all there is my impatience. And of course Siddharth’s need to always be clean and tidy definitely does not help, especially when that expectation is from our toddlers. But we have learned to live with each other in spite of our challenges. Very happily so. Because that’s what you do when you are a family. Accept each other unconditionally.

This makes them my precious.

An awesome birthday-date-night with my precious!

My Positivity
This past Sunday. We went to Costco. That is our weekly grocery haul. We then had lunch at our favorite South Indian restaurant. We came home and spent about 45 minutes cleaning and drying all the produce. And then magic happened. All four of us – the kid #1, the kid #2, the mom and the dad – all. We slept. In the middle of the day. For three hours. Boom Bang Boom! Beat that. I know. You can’t.

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