Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Soul

Two of my most favorite people in this whole wide world are my two nieces, P & A. I could be going through the worst of times, and just a look at their faces can light up my face. I have always admired my sister for the kind of mom she is. She has two kids - with very different personalities, with very different attitudes, and with very different inclinations/aptitudes. But I have seen my sister love both her babies with the same amount of intensity without any bias. It probably is a mom thing, and all those moms with two or more kids could probably relate to it. I admire it in my sister anyway.

There are a few things I have learnt from my sister in the last few years of her being a mom. I have learnt to greet Samaira with a big, bright smile the very first thing in the morning. I noticed my sister do that every time she would wake her kids up in the morning. Ever since then I was determined to not-forget-to-do-the-same-thing. I used to look at my nieces and wonder how they were such happy souls. They are happy souls because that’s what my sister is. And that’s what she spreads. Happiness. Joy.

Not only that, but my sister is fun and funny too. She is always a good company (except when she decides to be a stubborn head. Which definitely happened more than 10 years ago, not sure about now), and that makes her a fun-mom.

Other than my mom, my sister is my role model mom. Love you sis!

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Trapti said...

Hahaha ... thnx a ton for the appreciation sis!!! I can't believe reading this about myself ... wow ... happy mother's day to you too !!! our inspiration has always been mom and dad ... and i hope i can inspire my children tomorrow ... i am sure samaira is very lucky to have you and sid as parents!! Parenthood inspires you to explore yourself as a person too ... enjoy the journey together and life becomes worthwhile !!!!
3 cheers to the 3 angels in our lives!!!
P & A & S !!!!