Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ironman vs. Nemo

Tonight was a date night for Siddharth and me and we spent it with some of our favorite people – Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, etc. You get the idea. The Avengers. Normally I am an Ironman fan, but Hulk kind of steals the show in this one.

For the majority of the movie, I kept wishing I could bring Samaira to this movie so we could enjoy it together. When will be the right time for me to bring her to such movies, I wonder. At two years? Or maybe at seven and half years. Either way, I wonder what her favorite character will be.

Instead of thinking of Dora & Nemo, I am thinking of Ironman & Hulk as a favorite comic book character for Samaira! What kind of a mom am I? Weird one, eh.

Well Samaira, you can think all you want for now, but we’ve got to share favorites when you grow up. I promise to like Nemo if you promise to like Ironman. 


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Trapti said...

samaira can have company if her fav is nemo or kung-fu panda .. or ice age or chick flick like cindrella ... we can have a movie marathon soon !!!!