Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little something to light up my day

Jacuzzi baths, sunglasses, fun hat, teddy bear conversations, and add to that Siddharth & Samaira - that's my recipe for a happy day. 

I am grateful for what life has given to me. I don't forget even for a second what it means to me. We are surrounded by friends and family who love us a lot. I have a husband who loves me way too much. He has a wife who understands him beyond his words and expressions, which may or may not always do justice to what he feels. I understand the effort and luck it takes, at everyone's end, to get to this level of understanding and comprehension between two people. And I applaud both of us for getting to that point (self applause could be my forte, sometimes :)). I understand that we could argue and fight every day without losing an ounce of love for each other. I understand that we will have good days and we will have bad days. But I understand that those are meant to be passing phases while we stand together, as a rock. I understand that it is not all happy all the time. But we have each others' back when it is not. I understand that others may or may not always understand us, but with effort and love, we understand each other. I truly, truly, truly understand that having Samaira with us makes all these things 1 trillion times more important. So here we are, with all of that and more...

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