Monday, May 21, 2012

Somebody got her ears pierced

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about piercing my little one's ears at 5 months. Most people recommended even sooner (any time after 3 months). So I decided to give it a whirl. Yesterday, we took a trip to the most highly recommended Claire’s location for infant ear piercing in the Greater Seattle area. I was told to ask for the store manager to do this procedure (it felt like one for sure), and I did exactly that. Except, the store manager’s last day was on Friday as she is moving to the Netherlands! I kind of froze and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go ahead. I think I just wasn’t ready to make that decision either way. I asked Siddharth, mostly to get an affirmation for “it doesn’t matter at this point, let’s just go for it”. And that’s how he reacted.

So the assistant manager at the time helped us out, and she was wonderful. I think she read the look of shock and fear on my face and spent a good 15 minutes explaining everything to us, and answering all my silly and non-silly questions. Thanks, assistant manager, for being so understanding!

By the time the assistant manager was done explaining the procedure and answering my 1001 questions (most of which were repeats), Samaira was ready to eat. So it wasn’t the best time to keep her away from her food and poke holes in her ears. But she did good. She cried, but mostly before the actual ear piercing. As soon as she was done, I left Siddharth to finish the rest of the payment related formalities and got out of the store to soothe Samaira. All she needed was a little bouncy-bouncy motion and me singing “skidamarink dink dink skidamarink doo” and she was smiling again :).

I have to admit, she looks pretty darn hot in her brand new ear-studs!


Anonymous said...

Hi- which Claire's did you go to? Belleve Square?

Tarang Shah said...

RTC Claires